Rediscovering fire

This article is written as preparation material to the Rediscovering fire - on designing portable multi-language libraries talk at NDC Techtown, and will largely describe the lessons learned designing and maintaining the segyio library. The topics disussed will have wider applicability, but will point to what, how, and why things were done as they were in segyio. In essence, this document will attempt to articulate some insights in designing libraries for libraries.

As the name implies, these lessions aren’t new. Segyio draws inspiration from several libraries, and relies on the experience of thousands of developers of the past and the present.

About segyio

segyio is a fairly small library for reading and writing seismic data in the SEG-Y format. It consists of a fairly low-level core library, targeting library developers and written in C99, and multiple end-user facing libraries, most notably Python.

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